Brickyard Pond, new turbine site?

Brickyard Pond, new turbine site?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wind turbine location has problems

Barrington Times
Letter to the Editor
June 11, 2008
Wind turbine location has problems

I have great concerns with respect to the 328-foot tall wind turbine that will be constructed 130 feet from a school and in close proximity to many homes. As a non-abutter to the project, it is my hope that town officials will reject the proposed location. Some science-based concerns include:

1. The turbine manufacturer, GE, states the minimum set-back from a building should be 492 feet and the Barrington Committee for Renewable Energy states it should be 500 feet to create a safe fall down/topple zone. Why then is the proposed location 130 feet from the school?

2. Wind turbines produce visual flicker and strobe effects at certain times of the day cause by shadows cast by moving blades when the sun is visible, which can induce body disharmony. Students and homeowners within 980 feet of the turbine are within the high impact strobe zone and can expect more than 200 hours per year of strobe effect. Should we subject our children and homeowners to this?

3. The turbine blades are exposed to extreme forces in the course of each revolution. Cases of blade drop/throw have occurred. How can we protect our school children from this possibility?

4. What is the mean and maximum wind speed at the high school location? Town officials say they don't know and a study has not been done, and as such the economics of the project are unknown. Does this make sense?

5. As a result of investigations of noise pollution, sleep disorders, headaches, and dizziness, the advice of the French National Academy of Medicine, Dr. Amanda Harry, Dr. Nina Pierpont, and reports such as UKNA's "Location, Location, Location" is that wind turbines be sited at least 1.25 to 1.5 miles away from schools and homes. Do we want to subject students, teachers and residents to these negative health effects?

I support renewable energy but it seems the cost imposed upon our children and neighbors is much too great if a turbine is located 130 feet from a school and close to homes.

Ronald D. Russo

8 Candleberry Road

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